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HOLGA FA135-120 120 to 35mm Film Adapter Kit for Holga 120 Format Cameras

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The Holga FA135-120 Film Adapter Kit allows you to convert a Holga 120 format film camera from 120 film to 35mm film.

Now if you have a Holga 120 format film camera you can convert it to 35mm film instead of buying a new camera!

Or why not but this accessory with a 120 format camera to allow you to shoot in both 120 and 35mm as you wish!

For most 120 film format Holga models including 120N and 120GCFN.

Simply install the 35mm adapter frame in the back of your 120 format Holga camera, use the 35mm back cover and follow the included instructions.

Kit Contents

1x 35mm Adapter Frame
1x 35mm Back Cover
2x Frame Counter Sticker
1x English Instruction Manual

Category Reusable Film Cameras

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