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HOLGA 120WPC Black Wide Pinhole Film Camera

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The Holga 120WPC in black is a Holga medium format Wide Pinhole Camera.

Being a pinhole camera the Holga 120WPC lets light through a very small hole, the pin hole, to hit the film directly causing exposure without passing through any lens.

Due to the linear propagation of light the image on the film will be reversed, i.e. top will become bottom, left will become right etc. etc.

As light does not have to pass through any lens, images taken by the Holga 120WPC will have the following characteristics:

- There will be no optical distortion at all to the image

- There is not any need to focus

- The angle of the view will be much wider

The Holga film camera 120WPC is a fixed focus camera. The aperture is F133.

Accessories Included:

- Shoulder Strap
- 1x Frame Mask: 6 x 9 cm (8 frames)
- 1x Frame Mask: 6 x 12 cm (6 frames)
- Lens Cap
- English Instruction Manual


- Standard tripod mount
- Revised format arrow
- Now includes two frames for the 6 x 12 cm & 6 x 9 cm format!
- Multiple exposures

Specifications for Holga 120WPC Black:

- Type: 120 Medium Format
- Lens: No lens, pinhole camera
- Aperture: F133
- Dimensions: 210 x 96 x 56 mm
- Film to be used: 120 mm colour or black/white film of ASA 100 /ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27 speed.

Holga 120WPC Black
EAN 0604565176141

Category Reusable Film Cameras

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