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Say hello to the Holga 120PAN

The 120PAN is a true panoramic film camera, enabling you to capture scenes spanning from left to right close to 180°.  

To help get the best panoramic shots there is a built in spirit level on the camera.

Although the Holga film camera 120PAN is basically a fixed focus camera, there are still four focusing types for different distances explained in the instruction leaflet.

The shutter speed is 1/100 on normal operation, however, with the Holga 120PAN you can do long exposure pictures with the built in long exposure setting. Perfect for being creative or in low light conditions. A tripod is recommended when using long exposure to avoid blurriness.

As the 120PAN is a manually wound film camera, you can also take multiple exposure images to be extra creative! Simply do not wind the film on before you take your next shot to create unique pictures!

We recommend using ISO 400 120 film for best results and shooting outdoors in daylight. For night time and indoor use the camera comes with two flash hotshoes to enable simultaneous use of two flashes for better lit pictures

ONLY £110