UK Government Announcement on the Light Bulb Ban by September 2021


As reported by various news outlets, the UK Government is planning legislation to ban the sale of halogen lamps by September 2021.

·         Halogen light bulbs to be banned from this September [2021] – with fluorescent light bulbs to follow suit [2023]

·         Shift to LED bulbs will cut 1.26 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of removing over half a million cars from UK roads

·         New rules part of tighter energy efficiency standards for electrical appliances as the UK builds back greener, helping save British consumers £75 a year on their energy bills

This is good news for the environment and the consumer. It will help to reduce emissions and cut energy bills.

However, Technical Lamps Ltd, as a supplier of lamps to commercial, education, medical and industrial use this has understandably caused some concerns amongst those sectors with regards continuity of supply in the future. There are also concerns on the amateur side from customers with projectors, darkrooms, enlargers etc.

Exemptions to the ban

The goods news for customers worried about the ban is that it appears there will be some exemptions to the ban to allow for special use applications such as film, TV, photographic and other professional uses, as per the Government press release.

·         "Exemptions will be in place for lamps designed and marketed specifically for scene-lighting use in film studios, TV studios, and photographic studios, or for stage-lighting use in theatres or other entertainment events."

The precise detail of the legislation is yet to be published but we believe we will be able to continue to source and sell bulbs for special applications to keep old and new equipment working where an LED equivalent is not feasible. The majority of the lamps Technical Lamps Ltd sell are already not for household use and we do not market them to consumers.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us, we'd be happy to help!

UK Government Press Release: